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Rimage 2000i Automated Inkjet Publishing System 100 Disc Capacity
Item # 530101-320



As easy as 1-2-3, open the box, plug in the cables, turn on the power. No assembly. No printer to mount or alignments to make. Now you can put the lowest cost, highest quality desktop CD/DVD publishing solution to work in a matter of minutes.The all-new Rimage 2000i offers unrivaled Rimage quality in an easy-to-use, affordable, fully contained system.

It's more than simple, itís simply the best.The sleek, ultra contemporary Rimage 2000i is the most efficient desktop CD/DVD publisher available today. Rimageís optimized 2-to-1 recorder-to-printer ratio eliminates production bottlenecks and maximizes efficiency. Our patented data-streaming technology transmits data to each individual recorder simultaneously so you get more done in less time.The LCD communicates system status information so youíre free to focus on your work. From the instant you open the box to the end of every job, you can count on the all-new Rimage 2000i for extraordinary ease-of-use and industry-leading efficiency.


Speed, reliability, and a large 100 disc input binócombined with an innovative ink management systemómake the Rimage 2000i the leader in price and performance.


Itís fast, affordable, and easy-to-use. But what really makes the all-new Rimage 2000i printer so powerful is the HP-enabled thermal inkjet technology.The Rimage 2000i offers the smallest ink droplet available (3 pico-liters) for unsurpassed ink control and superb color management. HP's unique PhotoREt IV color-layering and ColorSmart III color optimization technology create realistic photo images, vivid color output, and extremely sharp text for the best quality label printingódirectly on your disc.


Leading-edge software and advanced robotics Powerful, flexible, and scalable software for individuals, workgroups and large enterprise applications. Robotics automate and accelerate the entire disc publishing process.
Up-to-the-minute activity status Rimage 2000's sleek, integrated design includes an LCD display for system status notification.
World-class printing Rimage's 480i desktop printer with unique HP technology offers a greater range of colors, lighter tones, and smoother gradiations between tones without scratching or smudging for flawless disc printing every time.
No-charge telephone support Rimage's superior solutions are backed up by superior service. Rimage offers global online and telephone technical support.
Network & Software Integration Tools With Rimage's OfficeNet software solution, the 2000i is easily networkable, and offers an SDK for integration with other software, including solutions available on the market for copy-protection, DVD Video Authoring, and more!


Talon Standalone DVD/CD Duplicator SATA 4 Drive w/Out Hard Drive
TAL 42040DF

CD Pro Value Silver Thermal FREE Blank Labels
CD Pro Value Silver Thermal
As Low As $0.28 each

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