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GN Netcom/Jabra 9125-28-15 Base With Flex Boom Wireless Headset
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Nady ALD-800 Assistive Listening System W/6 Receivers Free! 2 Extra ALD-800R Recievers - FREE FREIGHT
Item # ALD-800
Nady ALD-800 Assistive Listening System W/4 Receivers - Free! 2 Extra ALD-800R Recievers a $94.00 Value and Free! Freight.

Comes with 4 receivers. Large area RF assistive listening system One of the original manufacturers in the market, Nady has been supplying ALD's to venues such as cinemas, theaters, churches, lecture halls and auditoriums for 17 years. Our current models offer high quality and performance, and are a most cost effective solution for your medium to large area listening assistance needs.

Both units also enable compliance with current ADA regulations. Consists of one wireless radio transmitter and any number (as required) pre-tuned, compact, pocket-size receivers with individual volume adjust. Unlike infrared units, the ALD-800 can be used also in bright light or even outdoors. Range of up to 300 to 500ft. No seating restrictions on users, even in the largest venues.

High quality, cost-effective listening assistance in compliance with ADA regulations. Operating range of 300' to 500' Perfect for virtually any application from a small meeting room to a large movie theater. Audience members who desire listening assistance use a pocket size receiver with adjustable volume control and ergonomic, high-performance earphones. Eight standard channels available (72-76 MHz) Quick and easy installation and operation with no technical experience required.


• Unlike infrared systems the ALD-800 can be used outdoors and indoors in bright light without affecting performance 

• Includes one ALD-800 T wireless transmitter, four ALD-800 R receivers, AC adapter/battery charger, four earphones (bud style) and four foam ear pads 

• Transmitter features eight user switchable channels 

• Receivers are single channel operating on one of eight channels in the 72-76 Mhz band with wide band modulation 

• Transmitter features rear-panel 1/4" jack to connect to the line out or tape out from existing sound systems and a 1/4" front panel input for an optional mic 

• Broadcasts the audio as an FM radio signal 

• S/N ratio: min. 55 dB • Transmitter: 1.25"H x 8.25"W x 4.25"D • 18.2 oz. 

• Receiver: 3.35"H x 2.75"W x .75"D • 2.65 oz. (without battery).


Available Frequencies: 72-76 Mhz with wide band modulation 

Number of Channels: 8 

Range: 300-500' 

Wireless Type (IR/RF): RF 

Height: 1.3" 

Width: 8.3" 

Depth: 4.3"

Talon Standalone DVD/CD Duplicator SATA 4 Drive w/Out Hard Drive
TAL 42040DF

CD Pro Value Silver Thermal FREE Blank Labels
CD Pro Value Silver Thermal
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