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Tascam CD-601mkII The World Standard in CD Players for Broadcast
Item # CD-601mkII

The TASCAM CD-601mkII is a fully-redesigned version of the radio-standard CD player. With its
comprehensive remote control and flexible monitoring and playback options, the CD-601mkII goes
far beyond the capabilities of traditional CD players for broadcast. The radio presenter can select
between online play (on the air) and monitor play (pre-listen), controlling whether CD playback
reaches the on-air mixer or the monitoring device.

The optional RC-601mkII remote control allows frame-accurate search using the jog wheel, direct
location using numerical keys, index searches or flash starts. In addition, the CD-601mkII can save
up to 10 cue points per CD, controlled directly using the Flash Start function. Many other features
like pitch control, auto cue with five threshold levels, Auto Read and CD Text are all designed to
reduce stress before the program goes on the air.


  • 3U half-rack size

  • Plays CD-DA, CD-RW and CD-R media

  • Two playback modes:
    • ON-LINE play: Balanced and AES/EBU outputs enabled
    • MONITOR play: Unbalanced and S/PDIF outputs enabled

  • XLR Balanced and RCA unbalanced outputs

  • AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital outputs

  • Fail Safe function to avoid unintentional operation during ON-LINE playback

  • Instant Start

  • Single Play, Continuous Play, Program Play (up to 30 tracks)

  • Incremental Play

  • Supports CD Text Display

  • Auto Cue with five threshold levels

  • Auto Ready

  • Word Sync In/Thru (44.1kHz or 48kHz)

  • Sample Rate Converter for 48kHz playback

  • ±12.5% pitch control in 0.1% steps

  • Power-on Play

  • Selectable output level (FS = +24, +22, +20 or +15dBu)

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