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Tascam CD-X1500 Professional DJ CD Dual Player
Item # CD-X1500

The CD-X1500 is an affordable, compact DJ dual CD player. The CD-X1500 is suitable not only for DJs, but also for dance classrooms, music production, aerobic facilities, and more.

Dance and Aerobic Instructors often like DJ CD players for their wide range in tempo control. The CD-X1500 gives them the added ability to maintain the pitch while changing tempo, making the music sound more true. Also, for instructors editing their own music medleys or competition music, turntable effects like brake and scratch help add a bit of flare to their music.

Turntable Effects

The CD-X1500 offers tempo control up to ±100%, that allows music to play back at any speed desired from double speed to a dead stop. The Key Original function can process the music so that it still plays back at the proper pitch, so long as the range is limited to ±16%.

The Brake function simulates turning off the motor on a turntable with the needle still on the record. (The music slows down, and drops in pitch.) This and the Scratch function allow realistic turntable effects.

For DJs that like to scratch music on their turntables, TASCAM's optional TT-M1 turntable encoder for the TASCAM CD-X series has been jaw-dropping impressive. The TT-M1 easily mounts on the turntable, and allows scratching of CD music from a real turntable. It doesn't use any special records that will wear out. Some of the fastest DJs in the business have tried it and can't perceive a difference between the TT-M1 encoding and a real turntable!

CD-X1500 vs CD-X1700

For those that need more power, the CD-X1700 improves on the CD-X1500 by offering a larger control surface, MP3 playback, more memory and processing power for multiple DSP effects and more sample RAM, plus a wider tempo range for the original key function.

 Key CD Player Features:

• 4-U Rack Mountable Dual CD Player
    2-U Dual CD Tray Mechanism
    2-U Remote Control Surface

• Anti-Shock Memory

• Up To ±100% Tempo Control
    Selectable Control Range: ±0%,±8%, ±16%, ±32% or ±100%

• Key Original Function
    Maintains Original Pitch in Music While Tempo Changes
    Original Key Function Limits Tempo to ±16%

• Reads CD-R and CD-RW Discs

 Performance DJ Functions:

• Turntable Emulation Features:
    Scratching and Bumping from Remote or Optional TT-M1
    Brake Function Range of 0.1 to 5 Second Rampdown Time

• Seamless Loop Function

• 3 Hot Start/Cue Points

• DSP Effects
    Filter Effects Available for Wild Sounds

 Other Features:

• Auto Cue
    Cues to First Music in a Track for Instant Starts

• Fader Start

• BPM Display w/ Tap Button

• Program Play Function (30 Song Memory)

• Single Play Mode

• Continuous Play Mode

• Relay Play Mode

• Unbalanced RCA Analog Outputs

• SPDIF Coax Digital Outputs


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