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Graff 209P DVD/CD Duplicator Standalone Tower 9 Drive with 160GB Hard Drive
Item # Graff209P


Introducing the high powered Graff standalone DVD/CD duplicator. This is the most advanced duplicator on the market, and is extremely simple to use. The easy to operate control panel offers many advanced features.

How the Graff Duplicator Aluminium Case Extends The Life Of The Duplicator Drives

The 2 most dangerous elements for any drive are heat and dust. While the drives are in use, they generate a significant amount of heat. To further prevent the drives from overheating and burning out, a fan is needed to pull the hot air out and suck in fresh air to cool the drives down. The problem is, the fresh air has to enter the duplicator through the front of the unit going directly through the drives. This causes the second major threat to a drive,the culmination of dust on the laser head. As the air is sucked through the front of the duplicator, dust particles will collect inside the drives and cloud
the laser head. The laser head is the optical nerve center of the drive and conducts the process of burning onto the discs. As dust accumulates, it makes it harder for the laser to perform, forcing the drive to work harder and reducing the lifespan of the drive. The Graff Copier is specially designed with a special "gill" venting system on each side of the case to allow the air flow into the machine without passing through the drive face. This eliminates approx. 80% of the harmful dust from entering into the drive itself and landing on the laser head. To further prevent dust from entering the drives, the Graff Copier is equipped with exterior drive door covers to block harmful dust particles. In addition, the Graff Copier case is made out of aluminum, which diffuses harmful heat up to 3 times faster than a standard steel case. By decreasing the amount of heat and dust from disrupting the capabilities of the drives, the Graff Copier can extend the life of the drives by an average of 20% ~ 30%.


Hard-Drive: 160GB as Standard, optional higher capacity available.

capability for the text on the LCD screen to be displayed in English, Spanish, French, Japanese & more.

Auto-Counter Technology:
Displays the total number of discs successfully copied compared to desired output for each project.

Load & Copy Supported:
Simple 1 button duplication from the Hard Drive providing high quality copies with minimal effort.

Partition/Image Name Editing:
Simply stated you can name the images stored on the internal hard drive partitions.

Drive firmware upgradeability:
Capable of upgrading the drives for selected brands through the Duplicator.

Account management (password protection):
This function will authorize only specific user(s) to operate the duplicator with their preferred settings. Able to assign numerous passwords for multiple users. 

Industry leading 128MB to 256MB buffer memory:
 Exponentially optimizes duplication quality.

Future functions upgradeable through firmware:
Duplicator able to upgrade future software updates via Firmware CD.

Disc Info feature:
Provides the format of the disc & the disc manufacturer’s information. 

AutoCopy feature: Fast duplication without pressing any buttons. 

Fast Key Support:
4 fast keys for quicker operations.










Talon Standalone DVD/CD Duplicator SATA 4 Drive w/Out Hard Drive
TAL 42040DF

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