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Talon Standalone DVD/CD Duplicator SATA 4 Drive w/Out Hard Drive
Item # TAL 42040DF
Talon Standalone Tower DVD/CD Duplicator Tower 4 Drive w/Out Hard Drive
Choose the number of drives to fit your needs.
Both DVD and CD Duplication in 1 Tower! The DVD +/- R Tower Duplication Systems from TALON are full featured, reliable and economical duplicators utilizing new combo DVD +/- R/RW drive technology that also includes support for CD-R. Now users can take advantage of the usability of the DVD format and the low cost of the CD-R format in one tower system configuration! 


- Available as 1 to 1, 4, 7, and 11,drives  
- DVD drives burn up to 24X DVD and 48X CD  
- Menu Commands  
- Customizable hard drive partition tilting 
- Copying Simulation  
- Two password protection modes to prevent unauthorized usage  
- Audio track editing 
- Customizable, intuitive user-friendly LCD panel- DHP "Dynamic" hard drive partition technology  
- Ability to load disc image to HDD and rename the partition  
- Support Counter   
- Master Error Proof 
- Supports CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, and Dual Layer DVD+/-R blank media. 
- Duplicates 110+ 4.7g DVDs or 330+ 650MB CDs per hour with an 11 target system. 
- Includes 64MB buffer memory for 11 target systems and 32MB for 3 target systems  
- Auto Start Strategy  
- Auto Source Disc Analyzing   
- Select Source  
- Utilities & Tools   
- Button Beep  
- Error Avoidance Technology  
- 4 "Eject On Start" Modes  
- Clear Setup  
- Rigorously tested for performance & reliability  
- Enhanced vented air circulation design  
- Standard USB 2.0 (Firewire capable upon request). 
- No Hard Drive.. 
- Industrial style enclosure with multiple cooling fans for system integrity.


1 to 4: 4 GP DVD R Recorders; 13" x 18" x 20"; Weight: 32 lbs

Talon Standalone DVD/CD Duplicator SATA 4 Drive w/Out Hard Drive
TAL 42040DF

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