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CopyDisc 4 OptiPrinter Pro Platinum Networked Automated Publishing System 220 Disc Capacity with Inkjet Printer
Item # ZZ444276+ZZ500302

All-in-One Disc Publisher

If you’re looking for round the clock automated disc duplication and printing then look no further than the CopyDisc 4 OptiPrinter Pro. Our most popular model to date, the CopyDisc 4 OptiPrinter Pro delivers fast, reliable, desktop publishing of CDs/DVDs, 80mm discs and CD-R business-cards allowing you to produce hundreds, even thousands of fully prepared professional discs time after time.

Disc Duplication at your Fingertips

This 24/7 performer will automatically burn and print up to 220 discs at a time without the need for human intervention! The CopyDisc4 OptiPrinter Pro is a standalone device (no PC is required to operate it) and is easy to use. Simply load the blank discs onto the input spindle and the robotic arm will pick up and place the discs into the high-speed drives. Once copied, each disc will be placed systematically into the waiting printer where photo-quality inkjet printing provides the perfect finish to your discs.


If you want to run your CopyDisc directly from your PC or connect it to an existing network, then the optional TrueNET2 software allows you to queue jobs, link information from a database and share the CopyDisc Platinum with multiple users throughout the network.

Superior Printing at Low Price

The CopyDisc4 OptiPrinter Pro is fitted with the most cost effective inkjet printer on the market today, offering stunning, photo-quality graphics and laser sharp text at a low cost per disc. The OptiPrinter Pro printer uses standard, off-the-shelf HP cartridges which enables the printer to be run at a fraction of the cost of other inkjet disk printers with no sacrifice to quality. Easy to use design software is also included so that you’ll be creating professional designs for your own discs in no time.

Full Face Printing

The CopyDisc4 OptiPrinter Pro is fitted with a mechanical picker. Designed to lift discs by the hub, the new picker ensures a firm, positive grip whilst avoiding any damage to the actual disc surface. The key benefit of the picker is that users can now print to the center of full-face, inkjet printable discs. The new mechanical picker builds on Verity Systems reputation for creating fast, reliable robotics.

Media Choice

The CopyDisc4 OptiPrinter Pro can also offers users a state of the art mechanical picker which not only allows you to achieve full face printing of 120mm CDs/DVDs, but will allow you to automatically print 80mm discs and most popular sizes of CD business cards.

Flexible, Reliable, Durable..... the CopyDisc4 OptiPrinter Pro is the professional’s choice.

Key Features:
> Copies and prints
> Genuine 16x DVD recording speed
> CDs, DVDs, 80mm discs and business cards
> Simple operation
> Standalone, no PC required
> Networkable
> 220 disc capacity
> Steel chassis construction
> Internal hard drive
> Precision robotics
> Mechanical picker - for full face printing
> Fitted with the latest DVD+/-R drives which are also CD and dual layer compatible
> Superior inkjet printing
> Full-face printing achievable
> True photo-quality images
> Sharp text
> Design software included
> Standard HP cartridges

Your Warranty Offer:

Our standard warranty and lifetime technical support are included in the price of your products. Verity Systems provides you with a one-year, return to base warranty.

If your Verity Systems product or any of its accessories fails to operate to its specification at any time during the warranty period, we will repair it. The repair will provide you with a product, which in our opinion, performs consistently with its age and usage.

If your product needs repairing during its warranty period, then please contact your supplier.

Extended Warranties:

In addition to the standard 12-month warranty, extended warranties are also available which will increase your protection and give you peace of mind for a further year. 

Extended warranty provides the initial standard warranty cover for the additional year.


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